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  • Master Roofing and Siding did an amazing job on our new roof! Highly recommend to friends and family. Thanks!


  • Do I have to be home when the estimate is being done? +

    No. The majority of estimates are completed without homeowners being there, or we can set up a convenient time to meet you in your home. Since we do not need to go inside, we do not require homeowners to be there. The estimator will leave a card so you know that someone stopped by. You should receive a written estimate shortly afterwards in the mail or by email.
  • How do I know what color to choose? +

    If you want to match the existing color, simply note that on the contract. If you are interested in changing the color of your roofing or siding, we welcome you to come by our showroom where we have most styles and colors on display. After you have narrowed your choice, we highly recommend that you see the color on a job we have completed.
  • When will I be contacted for the work to begin? +

    After we receive a signed contract, we try to schedule the work in the order it is received. Typically we try to call the day before the work is starting. As much as we would like to schedule a job as soon as the contract is received, our work schedule depends heavily on the weather conditions. We do try to give priority to those roofs that are already leaking.
  • Do I have to be home while the work is being done? +

    No. It can be loud during the roof installation so you may not want to be there.
  • Will a dumpster be put in our driveway during the job? +

    No. Our crews drive large dump trucks so that the job debris can be thrown directly into the truck and taken away when the job is complete. We simply ask that the driveway be clear during the roof installation.
  • How long will it take for the job to be completed? +

    The contract states the approximate time for job completion. Roofing jobs typically are completed in 1 to 2 days. Most of our crews have 4 to 5 men. Larger jobs may require more time. Siding jobs usually require between 3 to 6 days depending on the size. Gutters usually are completed in half a day. Windows jobs are usually completed in 1 to 2 days.
  • When is payment expected? +

    Usually we request a deposit of 25 – 30% with the signed contract. When the job is completed, we will mail an invoice with appropriate manufacturer’s warranty. We request payment upon receipt of the invoice. If we are doing roofing and gutters, a separate invoice will be sent for each job completed. We do accept Mastercard and Visa if you want to call and use your card.
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